25 March 2011

A Space Alien’s Guide to Microsoft Convergence

Today I’m launching A Space Alien’s Guide to Microsoft Convergence as a way to present the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics Convergence customer conference in a different light. This short guide is just as the title describes, a Convergence primer for beings from other planets.

ufo light

I’ve been experimenting with some very different ways to present usage cases for Microsoft Dynamics GP. You’ll see some of those in the very near future. They aren’t just out of the box, I burned the box.
Frankly I think that my brain is rebelling from writing articles, blog posts, best practices guides and whatever else. It’s now insisting on writing fiction. In this particular case I’m bored with all of the guides to Convergence, including my own, so I decided to push the envelope.

The PDF version is a free download but you’ll need to register. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you or sell your name. I’m trying to collect information to better understand who might be interested in more of this type of thing.

I’ve also been wanting to play with publishing to Amazon’s Kindle and this looked like an opportunity to experiment. As a result, there is a native Kindle version of this very short document available on Amazon. For my U.K. friends, don't worry, there's a U.K. Kindle store version as well. Unfortunately, Amazon won’t let me publish a free Kindle story. So if you want the native Kindle experience you’ll have to drop 99 cents.

(Not being able to publish free stuff actually makes sense. Amazon pays Sprint for wireless delivery to Kindle devices but they don’t charge customers a monthly fee for the service. Amazon has to pay for it somehow and not filling up the Kindle store with free stuff is one way. There is free stuff for the Kindle but Amazon controls what’s free.)

There are more tales ready to launch. Frankly, I've had so much fun writing them that I'll probably keep at it regardless of the feedback but I'd love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog, drop a tweet, Like this post on Facebook or email me.