15 March 2011

Vote! Vote! Vote!

DynamicsWorld.co.uk is back with the 2011 edition of the 100 Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics. The nominations are closed and now it’s YOUR TURN to vote.

All your favorites are up there, Mariano, Leslie Vail, Dwight Specht, David Musgrave and on and on and on. And on and on and still on. The nominees are broken up into groups so you’ll have to hunt for your favorites.

I’m in the back in Poll 13. Last year I was number 28 on the list, which frankly, seemed high to me, but I would still love to see you vote for me or any of the other nominees. Especially the Dynamics GP nominees. Let’s load the the final list with GP people.

I’ve already voted for every GP person that I can find on the list and I’ve voted for Andy Vabulas, Dwight Specht and Clinton Weldon twice since they influence not only Microsoft but my own work with Dynamics GP.

All of the nominees and voting polls are available and it looks like each poll will be highlighted over the next six weeks as well. As the saying goes in Chicago politics, vote early and vote often!