17 March 2011

Weekly Review: Assign AP Staff to Specific Suppliers

A Purchasing best practice is to assign AP staff responsibility for certain vendors. This provides point of contact service for the vendors and helps balance the workload in a large AP environment. One easy way to accomplish this in Dynamics GP is to use the Payment Priority field. (Cards-Purchasing-Vendor, Options) This is a 3 digit, alpha-numeric field and it's easy to use an AP clerk's initials or employee number in here.

There are advantages to using the Payment Priority field over other available fields like User Defined 1 or Vendor Class. Payment Priority is one of the options for selecting checks to print. This means that it's possible to print a batch of checks just for a single clerk's vendors. If the clerk has responsibility for attaching backup prior to signing or stuffing and mailing checks after signing this can be a big help, especially if the vendor assignments are non-contiguous. You can accomplish the same thing with Vendor Classes but Vendor Classes drive so many other settings that confining it to just this use is wasteful.

If assigned vendor ranges are contiguous based on vendor name or number(A-D goes to one person, E-G another, etc.) then User Defined 1 will also work since checks could be controlled by the vendor name or ID. But when there are a couple large vendors and many small ones contiguous ranges can be very difficult to maintain.
The point is that assigning vendors to individual AP clerks is a best practice and there are several ways to accomplish that. I prefer Payment Priority but there are lots of options to choose from.

Originally Posted by Mark at 1/19/2009 09:00:00 AM