18 April 2011

Convergence ISV Wrap Up

I didn’t get enough time with ISV’s at Convergence this year. Some of that was because they were busy selling and most of them are more than willing to talk to me outside of Convergence. I did manage to catch a few though and here are the highlights.

  • eOne spent some time me with talking about SmartConnect. I shared some things that I would love to see in the product and they gave me some ideas on how to use it better. Everybody won. I’ve got to get some more time with Smart View. That’s on the list of things I missed.
  • Mekorma showed off some nice improvements to MICR check printing including linking the check signature to the approver. This will work really well for some of our clients who switch check signatures based on which signers are in town.
  • Rockton showed off new Payables Approvals that are coming soon. The beta was in great shape and provided lots of options for AP approval. SmartFill and the GP Toolbox continued to generate huge interest.
  • Reporting Central debuted the Validator. The Validator is designed to apply setup best practices against a Dynamics GP database and provide recommended improvements to the system. Given the number of issues we all seem to find and fix there was a lot of interest among partners and end users.
  • FastPath continues to make their products better with a cleaner interface and more template to support different flavors of compliance.

Mark Rockwell got high marks on DayONE showing off 100 ISV solutions in 50 minutes. This is an idea that I’ve toyed with too. I think it’s got the potential to grow into something big at future Convergence conferences.