05 April 2011

Microsoft extends dates for new partner cert requirements - Blog - Kuntz Consulting

Kuntz Consulting provides a very transparent look at their work toward Microsoft certification as a small partner even as Microsoft extends dates for new partner cert requirements.

I.B.I.S. has already hit gold certification in ERP, CRM and ISV solutions but we’ve had a culture that promotes certifications for some time. No one had to tell me to get the new GP 2010 certifications.  I simply assumed that I needed to get the them by the original October 2010 deadline. I also felt that the Implementation certification would be worth the effort and it has been.

The biggest problem seems to be the number of people required to meet the certification levels. People can’t qualify in more than one area and it’s still unclear how many people are needed for some certifications. Well, you’ve got a few more month’s partners. Study hard.