08 April 2011

More Dynamics GP Fiction: Wanda’s Wicked Workshop

I told you that there was more to come. I’m releasing my newest Dynamics GP short story, Wanda’s Wicked Workshop, just in time for Convergence. That way you’ll have something fun to read on the way.

Wanda, the mistress of Wanda's Wicked Workshop is facing a visit from the health inspector. When the health inspector turns out to be a real ogre who is immune to her magic, she has to rely on Microsoft Dynamics GP and her Dynamics GP consultant to keep her shop open. FastPath’s Config AD and MetaViewer also make an appearance to help save the day.

Witch Broom and Hat

Wanda’s Wicked Workshop is available as a PDF or Kindle story. Don't miss the other titles in the Adventures in Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics GP series. If you're not have fun while reading these, you're doing something wrong.