01 April 2011

One of My Evil Plans: Fan Fiction for Dynamics GP

Now that Debits are Forever is out, I’m willing to talk a little bit more about this evil plan. Like the subtitle of Hugh MacLeod’s highly recommended book Evil Plans,  I’m working to have fun on the road to world domination.

If you missed the last post (and really, that should have been hard to do) I’ve written some fictional short stories around Microsoft Dynamics GP. Yes, I might be insane or … I might be an evil genius.

I confess to boredom with white papers, even (especially?) the ones I’ve written. Case studies are so pristine that I could grind them up and use them for hand sanitizer. I wanted something different. My brain rebelled in the middle of writing another Best Practice Guide and came up with these wacky tales of using Microsoft Dynamics GP in unusual settings. Oh, and it keeps coming up with them. This isn’t the end.

Like many of you, I’m a CPA. I literally have a degree in boredom and can put it to use with the best of them. However, there is no reason why Dynamics GP has to be boring. So let’s have some fun. Frankly, I want to see the SAP folks and the Oracle people and whoever else standing around wondering why their ERP software isn’t cool enough for fan fiction. I want them asking what Microsoft is putting in the cool aid that turns users into FANS that are reading about ERP software.

Plus, when my kids, friends and parents ask what I do for a living, they can read about how George supports and saves secret agents using Dynamics GP. That is MUCH COOLER than explaining what ERP stands for.

It’s fitting that this is launching on April Fool’s Day because this is surely a nutty idea, though it’s no joke.
For those of you choking on the $0.99 charge, go away. Sit in your cube and for heaven’s sake don’t read these stories, you're not ready for this yet. But for those of you willing to peek over the cubical and drop a whopping $0.99 on something a little crazy, let’s go take over the world.