25 April 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel

Have you ever needed to find duplicates in Dynamics GP? Maybe you want to corral duplicate vendors so that they can be combined into a single vendor using the Professional Service Tools.

Let’s say that you have vendors named “Home Depot”, “The Home Depot” and “Depot, The Home”. You might even have and entry for “Hom Depow” in there. Sorting these in Excel won’t get you there. You could search on on Home or Depot but that’s a hard way to do it. How do you make this work?

Use the Fuzzy Lookup Add-In for Excel. This free add in performs fuzzy lookups allowing you to find all the variations taking into account abbreviations, misspellings and variants. It also provides a confidence score to show you how close the variations are to the original.