28 April 2011

Weekly Review: Use Tax, Landed Cost and Project Accounting

So you are running Project Accounting. You purchase materials for your project and you want to include use tax paid for those line items in the appropriate project. Well, with Dynamics GP 10 it's not all that hard to do. I'll be putting out Use Tax paper soon with every last detail but for those of you with a little experience, here are the steps.
  • Run the Use Tax amount through AP
  • Apply this amount to a PO receipt via Landed Cost
  • Landed cost can be used to calculate the Use Tax amount and apply it to line items based on the value of the line item.
  • If you apply the line items directly to a project, the landed cost total flows through to Project Accounting.
  • If you simply post the amounts to inventory with landed cost applied, that cost flows through to Project Accounting when transferring inventory amounts to PA using the inventory transfer functionality.
The beauty of using the landed costs functionality is that it flows all the way through to whatever module is downstream and that included Project Accounting.

There are more Use Tax tips in my Best Practices Guide to Use Tax for Dynamics GP.


Posted by Mark at 3/16/2009 10:00:00 AM