17 May 2011

Announcing the New ‘LITE’ Cookbook for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

I am thrilled to announce that Packt Publishing has released a new ‘Lite’ edition of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook.

For those of you who just aren’t ready to bite off the whole Cookbook, the Lite edition gives you a taste of what’s in the full cookbook at a much lower price point. Packt’s new line of Lite editions are designed around minimum effort, maximum value.

Get the ebook version of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook: Lite Edition right now for only $8.49 or get the book/ebook combo for just $17.99.

Even better, if you later decide that you want the full version of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook, the price of the Lite edition can be applied as a discount against the full Cookbook meaning that you can’t lose on this investment.

The full details are on Packt’s launch site for the Lite editions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook: LITE

The Lite Cookbook is also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble but right now, the best deal is from Packt.

This is the only Microsoft Dynamics related book included as part of the launch of the Lite editions and I am thrilled that it’s available. I think that this book will open up these recipes to more of the Dynamics community. Get yours today.