18 May 2011

First Rule of Blogging

Provide a way for people to contact you beyond comments or a contact page.

The backstory:

I was impressed enough with someone’s recent blog post that I wanted to send them a free copy of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook: Lite Edition.

So I visited their website to get their email address and surprise them with a book. No email address.

I drilled down into their profile, surely it’s there. No email address. I saw that their blog had moved and visited the newest site. No email address.

Their Twitter account is a shared/company Twitter account so I hate to Direct Message it. Who knows who will get the message.

I’ve run into that a couple of times lately where I want to drop a blogger a private message and there is no way to contact them short of commenting on the blog and sometimes even that’s not available.

At DynamicAccounting.net I’ve got my email address, Instant Messenger address and my personal cell phone number on the main page. In six years I’ve gotten exactly one phone call that crossed the line.

I’m the only one who posts to both of my Twitter accounts, feel free to DM me. I’m easy to find and connect with on Linked In and Facebook too.

It’s sad that someone just missed out on a free book. It’s a good book too.