25 May 2011

New DynamicAccounting.net Android App!

The DynamicAccounting.net Android app has been updated and is completely new.

Now you can get the latest news from DynamicAccounting.net on the go and you have access to all of the Dynamics GP product blogs (like Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP or Developing for Dynamics GP). Plus you get access to all of the GP MVP blogs from folks like Mariano Gomez and Frank Hamelly along with a bunch of other Dynamics GP sites from influencers like Dwight Specht. Additionally, access to  MyGPSearch has been rolled in as a feature as well.

The DynamicAccounting.net Android App is 99 cents in the Android Market or you can use the bar code below to get it directly on your phone.


The app has be rebuilt from the ground up. Unfortunately, that means that there isn’t an upgrade path for existing users. Sometimes you have to break things to move forward.

For now, I have a list of all of the users who have purchased the old version. If you want a refund on the old application to purchase the new one, email me with this link or at the email address on the blog and I’ll refund your Google account.The old version will continue to work just fine but you won’t be able to update or re-download it.

Rebuilding the app gave me the opportunity to easily create iPhone or Windows Phone 7 versions but I’m not sure that the demand is there to cover the much higher developer fees from Apple and Microsoft. If you are interested in an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 version email me so that I can gauge demand.