31 May 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Troubleshooting Security

Troubleshooting security issues keeps coming up and keep giving the same answer so I thought that I would write about it.

Troubleshooting security errors is simple IF you do a little prep work. Here is all you have to do to resolve security errors.

  • Install the Support Debugging Tool
  • Give everyone access to the MBS Debugger User Role
  • Under the Support Debugging Tool Administrative settings, set Automatic Open Mode to Open on Errors and Warnings.


What happens now is when access is denied to a window or a report, a user gets details of what resource is being denied.

  • The user can click export to send this file to a security Administrator.
  • The security admin can import the file in to the Support Debugging Tool to see exactly what was denied.
  • The security admin can drill back to review and set security from the imported file.

Once the Support Debugging Tool is setup this is quite simply the easiest and simplest method of figuring out security access issues.