24 May 2011

Where Do You Find Your Next Hire? « The Death of Reason

Dwight Specht looks at the success of our college hire program in his new post, Where Do You Find Your Next Hire?
Though it’s a great post, he neglected to mention a few things that I wanted to highlight.
First, David Duncan was a hire out of college three years ago, now he’s the co-author of a book on Reporting in Dynamics GP. Hire to expert, 3 years. It took me 10 years to get my first book out. Apparently I’m a little slow. Thank goodness the second one is available. Maybe I can catch him on the average.
Second, Kelsey Andrich is doing a terrific job blogging on what it’s like to go from college to consulting. In the process, she and all of the other hires, help I.B.I.S. make this process better.
Third, our college hires push our more experienced people. They learn at a pace that is freakishly fast and I’ve confessed on more than one occasion to a little jealously. Those of us who have been around for a while are running to stay ahead of them and losing. It’s fantastic.
Finally, despite Dwight’s flagrant generalization, I am well below the 46-53 age bracket. This means that even if he is better looking than me, I will always be younger and have better hair.