13 June 2011

Weekly Dynamic: Asset ID’s Beginning With “Z” Don’t Appear on Some Reports

We found a bug the other day that I swear I’ve seen reported somewhere but I can’t find it so I’m noting here for everyone. I have reported this to MS via PartnerSource and MS Connect.

For Dynamics GP 10 SP 5 and GP 2010 SP 1 at least, if the Fixed Asset ID begins with the letter “Z” the asset will not appear on at least some reports. I haven’t test this with R2 yet. To duplicate in Fabrikam, create a new fixed assets starting with the letter Z like Z1234 and assign it to structure 100. Create a second asset starting with the letter Y like Y1234 and assign it to structure 100.



Run the Inventory by Structure ID report using structure 100 as the only limiting criteria. Item Y1234 will appear on the report, item Z1234 will not.


Microsoft has indicated that this is a known bug reported in KB 863264  but the KB seems to be unavailable. No wonder I couldn’t find it. MS is working to update the KB to ensure that it’s available. There are no plans to fix this issue. If you want it fixed, vote for it on MS Connect.

You’ve two options to deal with this:

1) Add a Fixed Asset ID end range of “ZZZZZZZZ” to reports

2) Change the Fixed Asset ID via SQL. Fortunately, FA uses asset indexes, not the ID to link assets in various tables so the change only needs to happen in one table. However, some ISV solutions use the Fixed Asset ID (like Multi-Entity Management from Binary Stream) so you’ll need to check those too.