16 June 2011

Weekly Review: Transaction Posting Dates


We looked at Batch Posting vs. Transactional Posting last week. One of the benefits of batch posting is the ability to control the posting date via the batch posting date. This works for most batch types except GL.
The ability to change the posting date is important. For example, If an invoice arrives several months late, the invoice should typically be posted in the GL for the current month, even though the invoice date is in the past. This can still be accomplished with transactional posting, the process just isn't obvious.

In any of the transaction, click the blue arrow next to the date field. In our AP invoice example from above, this would be the Doc. Date field. The arrow next to a date field typically opens a window with additional date fields allowing a user to fine tune dates including setting a different posting date.

The posting date in this window controls the posting date of a transaction not placed in a batch. Unless this date is explicitly changed, it defaults to the document date on the main transaction window.

Batch posting allows you to set this posting date once for the batch. If using transactional posting, the date will need to be set on each transaction.

Originally Posted by Mark at 7/06/2009 09:00:00 AM