13 July 2011

Sage re-branding: a risky endeavor | ZDNet

Dynamics competitor Sage is re-branding. ZDNet and others have coverage. In short, they are dropping product names for the 40 odd products they’ve acquired and are moving to numbers to try to build the overall Sage brand.

My take is:

  • This doesn’t fix the inability of Sage customers to move up from one product to another without re-implementing. Every time someone has to re-implement the door opens for someone else to move in.
  • Customers will be confused. We still see this with Dynamics after a lot of years and money spent on rebranding and it was a much smaller rebranding effort than what Sage is attempting.
  • Customers won’t care. You can call it whatever you want but if it’s been MAS 90 for 10 years for a customer, it will be MAS 90 for the next 10 years unless of course it becomes Dynamics GP because they’re too focused on branding and not enough on delivering.
  • The individual products have good brand awareness, Peachtree, MAS90, FAS, etc. I’m not sure that “Sage” does. They’ve got a lot of products to rebrand.
  • This opens the door for FUD. I’m pretty confident that we wouldn’t do it but I could see someone telling prospects that Sage is killing the Peachtree that they love. Again, I’m not saying that it’s right, just that it will happen.