11 August 2011

Weekly Review: Prevent the Sale of Discontinued Items

In Dynamics GP users can discontinue items in Inventory. Discontinued items can still be sold but not bought. This gives companies the options to work through obsolete inventory. But sometimes companies don't want to be able to sell discontinued items. There could be safety issues or contractual reasons behind this. The typical solution is to write off discontinued items removing the balance from being available for sale. This has it's pitfalls too. Another solution is to turn off the ability to sell discontinued items. The switch for this is located at Tools->Setup->Sales->Sales Order Processing, Options. Uncheck Allow Sales of Discontinued Items in the bottom grid area.

This is a system wide switch so if you only want to prevent the sale of certain discontinued items you'll need to continue to zero out the inventory for those items. But if you want to prevent the sale of discontinued items across the board, now you've got an easy way to do it.

Originally Posted by Mark at 8/17/2009 09:00:00 AM