12 September 2011

Weekly Dynamic: POP Reference

In the POP windows with distributions (Shipment, Ship/Invoice, Enter/Match Invoice) there is a Reference field. This defaults to the transaction type but it can be changed. This reference passes through to be the reference field in the GL Transaction and can help provide additional information for folks starting with the GL.
According to the help documentation, this is also supposed to flow down to the distribution reference field in the GL if the distribution reference is blank, but it doesn’t. From the help:
Purchasing Invoice Distribution Entry window: Fields
Displays the reference that will post to General Ledger as the reference for the receipt. Purchasing Invoice Entry is the default reference for this field. If the Distribution Reference field for an account is left blank, the reference entered in the Reference field will post as the distribution reference. If you change the reference in the Reference field, that change will only affect those accounts that don't have distribution reference entered for them when the invoice is posted.
What actually happens is that the account category rolls down as the reference. I’ve submitted a request via Microsoft Connect to have GP work as documented. You can vote for this request to move it up the priority chain and put it on Microsoft’s radar at: http://bit.ly/rnVYwM.
[Big Hat Tip to Chaz Vann of I.B.I.S. for this.]