07 November 2011

Weekly Dynamic: ReQLogic Mobile Opening Attachments

We’ve been doing a lot of work with ReQLogic lately and with a client wanting to get the most out of ReQLogic mobile.

The client wanted to be able to open and review attachments prior to approval without having to separately download the attachment and go find the attachment to open it. Specifically, they were looking at PDF, Excel and Word files.  After much trial and error we’ve got some suggestions.

One note, ALL mobile devices download the file in the background, the key here is that they would like the download and open step to be transparent.

  • iPhone – iPhone handles this without any adjustments.
  • iPad – The iPad handles this without adjustments and the ReQLogic regular site works fine as well.
  • Android – For some reason the default Android browser had problems with this scenario. Downloading Opera MOBILE (not mini) and accessing the ReQLogic mobile site solved the issue. Most Android devices seem to come with the QuickOffice viewer installed which allows viewing PDF and Office files.
  • Blackberry – Blackberry will download and open the files in two steps but we haven’t been able make this work in a single, easy step for users.
  • Windows Phone 7 – None of the users at this location have Windows Phone 7 devices so we couldn’t test this.