17 November 2011

Weekly Review: Windows Arrow Keys


I thought I would highlight an almost invisible feature of Dynamics GP today, the arrow keys. At the bottom of most windows there are two small arrows and two arrows with bars like this: |< < > >|. Usually these are followed by a description. So what are these things?

  • The regular arrows move to the next and previous records.
  • The arrows with the bars move to the first and last records.
So far so good. Most people get that far.
  • The Description controls how the arrow moves. This is really the key control.
So if the description is "by Customer ID" clicking next will bring up the next customer by ID. However, if the description is "by Customer Name" the order may be completely different.
I see a lot of user struggle with the next and previous arrows forgetting that they can control this behavior.

Originally Posted by Mark at 12/14/2009 09:00:00 AM