20 December 2011

I.B.I.S., Inc. Announces Domain Change to www.ibisinc.com

I.B.I.S. is changing our domain name back to www.ibisinc.com.

This means that my email now becomes mpolino at ibisinc.com. I’ve got back and adjusted all of the links at DynamicAccounting.net. That’s how I found out that I have almost 15,000 links on this site.

Why are we going back to www.ibisinc.com? Simple, someone paid a boatload of money for the ibis.com domain. What does this prove? It proves that Andy’s is shrewd enough to know when he’s got an offer that he’ll never see again.

If you would like to offer me a boatload of money for DynamicAccounting.net…I’m listening.