29 December 2011

Weekly Review: Printing SmartLists

Sometimes you've created a SmartList and you just want to print it out. Maybe the auditors need it. Maybe your boss, coworker or the filing cabinet behind your desk needs a copy. But when you click the print icon the output is pretty ugly. Typically, too many items are forced to the next line making the printout overly long and complex or some items are squished and don't print out right. How do you fix a SmartLlist printout?

This is so easy it's scary. SmartList follows the width of the columns on the screen. It's not perfect, but it's close. If a column is only partially visible on the screen, it will typically be partially visible on the printout. If a column has a huge space after the date it can cause the next column to move down to the next line. Fortunately these reports can be printed to screen first to ensure that things will look the way you want.
This SmartList:

Produces this report:

Notice that the huge space after the account number forces items to the next line and Account Description is cut off.

Originally Posted by Mark Polino at 1/25/2010 09:00:00 AM