15 December 2011

Weekly Review:Scrolling when reports are Printed to Screen


So you're working along in Dynamics GP and you print a report to screen. You scroll the wheel on your mouse to move to page 2 on the screen and nothing happens. So hit the Page Down key. Nada, nothing, nope. The page doesn't move down. Yes you can scroll down with the scroll bar but that's not efficient.

So what's going on here? It a bug, plain and simple and there's a plain and simple workaround. Click on the zoom button, the one shows the percentage size, then highlight a line on the report. Now the scroll wheel and page down button will work fine. This is supposed to be fixed in GP 2010.

[H.T. to Mohammad Daoud who solved this for a user on the newsgroup]

Originally Posted by Mark Polino at 1/18/2010 09:00:00 AM