18 January 2012

Go to Convergence 2012 and Save the World

Ok maybe not, but it could happen. How? Well, what if aliens wanted to conquer Earth for our vast accounting knowledge? Wouldn’t Microsoft Convergence be the perfect place for a recon mission?
That’s the premise of my new short story, Microsoft Convergence 2012: A Space Odyssey. The full description is:
An alien recon ship has arrived to set the stage for the conquest of Earth. They want Earth for it's resources, slave labor and advanced accounting knowledge. As part of the recon they send a spy to infiltrate Microsoft's Convergence 2012 conference. At the conference the alien spy discovers the full reach of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the power of community. Will it be enough to save Earth?
Last year’s A Space Alien’s Guide to Microsoft Convergence was a big hit but it tackled Convergence from the perspective of an informational pamphlet for space aliens. This is a story in it’s truest sense giving you the chance experience all that Convergence has to offer from a slightly wacky perspective. I hope you enjoy it.

The PDF version is free, you just have to give up your name and email address which I will sell to Nigerian princes in need of associates to help them move money into the U.S. Just kidding. It depends on what they offer me.  No registration required.
The Kindle version is up now in the Amazon Kindle store for 99 cents. Amazon generally doesn’t allow free eBooks.
Versions for iBook (Apple), Nook (B&N), Sony Reader, Kobo and more are currently available via Smashwords for 99 cents. They should be available in their respective online stores in 1-2 weeks also for 99 cents. I’ll post some links when that happens.