04 January 2012

The Passing of Newt Becker

If it were not for the intensive Becker CPA review course there is a good chance that I would never have passed the CPA exam. I was married with a baby and one on the way.  You can imagine how much study time that gave me and self study wasn’t cutting it. So I took the Becker class. I showed up twice a week. I did crazy amounts of homework and then I did it all again in the last two weeks to have the option of retaking the course…and I passed the exam. You’ll forgive me if I’m a little overboard with getting my CPE credits.

I learned today that Newt Becker, the founder of the Becker CPA review course, has passed away. There are a lot of CPA’s in the GP community and many have worked with Becker materials over the years. So this is my thank you to Newt Becker and the entire organization.

More detail here: http://blog.bftcpa.com/2012/01/the-passing-of-newt-becker.html