23 January 2012

Weekly Dynamic: Microsoft Convergence 2012: A Space Odyssey

My new short story Microsoft Convergence 2012: A Space Odyssey has not seen the download volume I was hoping for, even though the PDF version is free. I’m thinking that’s because it’s behind a registration page.  I really think you’ll like this so I’m going to make it freely available without registration.

The premise of the story is:

An alien recon ship has arrived to set the stage for the conquest of Earth. They want Earth for it's resources, slave labor and advanced accounting knowledge. As part of the recon they send a spy to infiltrate Microsoft's Convergence 2012 conference. At the conference the alien spy discovers the full reach of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the power of community. Will it be enough to save Earth? 

Don’t worry you’ll get a chuckle and I’m hoping you like the twist at the end. Feel free to share it with friends.