02 January 2012

Weekly Dynamic: SmartConnect Data Type

We’ve run into this issue a couple of times recently so I thought I would cover it in a Weekly Dynamic so I won’t forget. This is happening with SmartConnect 10 on GP 10 so I’m not sure if continues forward into future SmartConnect versions.

When setting up an Excel data source for a GL Import, we setup a template for what the Excel sheet should look like. We used a template with data from an actual file to ensure that we had the right headers. We kept getting errors that the transaction didn’t balance.

What was happening was that a notes field in the template had a number of blank records but the first filled record was a number. The integration was interpreting this as a numeric field. When the integration found text in this field it stopped reading lines resulting in the unbalanced record error.

The solution was to remove any numeric records from the template. Since it’s just a template it’s not a big deal to fix but this took a long time to troubleshoot because the unbalanced transaction error leads you in the wrong direction when you start troubleshooting.