19 January 2012

Weekly Review: Picking Instructions

When using Advanced Picking in Dynamics GP, users have the option to assign picking instructions to customers, addresses and items. For example, if some items require a forklift for picking, that instruction could be setup as a picking instruction and then assigned to a specific set of items. These picking instructions will print on any sales docs used for picking as long as Print Picking Instructions was checked.
There are three key parts to picking instructions:
1) Setting up the instruction. This is set in Purchasing|Cards|Picking Instructions

2) Assign the instructions to Customers, Items, etc. from Purchasing|Cards|Process Instructions

3) Make sure that Print Picking Instructions is selected when printing picking tickets.

Picking Instructions provide a great option for improving picking by increasing picking efficiency.

Originally Posted by Mark Polino at 2/15/2010 09:00:00 AM