05 January 2012

Weekly Review: SmartList Defaults


Most companies have a common set of annoyances with certain SmartLists. Maybe the default SmartList doesn't include return enough records by default. Perhaps the fact that the credit column has to be moved after debit column every time induces frustration. Well, quit changing SmartLists every time and change the defaults.
Pick Administration in the Navigation List on the left in GP and click SmartList Options. Then enter the system password if necessary.

The SmartList Options window will open. This is a place where an administrator can change the SmartList defaults. Find a default SmartList like Account Transactions and swap credit amount and debit amount. Remove those fields you don't use and add ones you constantly have to lookup. Don't settle, take control of SmartLists!

Originally Posted by Mark Polino at 2/01/2010 09:00:00 AM