20 March 2012

Monday At Convergence 2012

We had a great Monday at Convergence 2012. I had the privilege to be a part of the GP General Session and we got lots of positive feedback on the demos via Twitter. If you missed it we showed off Business Analyzer on a Windows Phone and Windows 8 Tables PC along with the GP 2013 web client and some great CRM/Business Analyzer analytics that are available today.

I’ll post a link to the video if it goes up.

Microsoft announced that the next version of GP will be Dynamics GP 2013 due in calendar Q4 of 2012.

This is not just a web client release, there are more than 150 new features including mass depreciation undo.

I.B.I.S. gave away a pile of Microsoft Dynamics GP Cookbooks and I happily signed them all. At one point the line for the books was longer than the line for the bar. We’re calling that a Convergence record.

I also got lots of great feedback on 50 Ways to Close the Month Faster and the Worst Mistakes presentations from DayOne

While I had nothing to do with this interesting trend, I’m fully in favor of it going viral:

conv12 006

You can throw a rock around here without hitting an MVP so it’s been a lot of fun. Today is full of sessions. If you’re attending come up and say hi!