06 March 2012

Would You Like to Give Back?

I know that a ton of people get value out of DynamicAccounting.net. Way too many of you have stopped me and told me how much you like the site. Some of you have shown your appreciation by buying the book or paying for a short story. There is another way that you can show your appreciation.

Give toward our Kenyan Mission Trip.

Two years ago the kids went to Kenya with World Hope. They did a lot of work on a school to give learning opportunities to others who are much less fortunate than they are.

We’ve now made the decision to go to Kenya as a family before Micah heads off to college next year. This summer we will be going to Kenya as a part of a team to continue work on the school. This trip includes additional medical components and some technology work. I’m hoping I get to help with the tech piece but frankly I can shovel dirt, paint a wall or hold a wrench…poorly, but at least I’ll have a good attitude about it. We’re going to meet their needs not ours.

If you’ve gotten value from DynamicAccounting.net, the way to show it is to hit the donate button and help send us to Kenya. Donations are tax deductible in the United States. I don’t know about elsewhere.

You can also follow us on the Facebook page that we have setup for the trip.