11 April 2012

A Couple of Recent Backup Stories

In our Worst Mistakes You Make With Dynamics GP presentation for GPUG John Lowther and I harped on backups. Two articles out today show why.

Jack Boyer describes recent backup lapses with Dynamics SL and GP

Doug Pitcher offers a cloud based example on the importance of backups

I do want to point out one thing. “The Cloud” generically is not a panacea for backups.

For example, NetSuite is a cloud based competitor. Despite what folks say in their marketing, companies don’t really lie to the SEC.

From NetSuite’s March 2010 10K filing:

“We currently operate and maintain an offsite facility for customers who specifically pay for accelerated disaster recovery services. For customers who do not pay for such services, although we maintain tape backups of their data, we do not operate or maintain a separate disaster recovery facility, which may increase delays in the restoration of our service for those customers.”

Tape backups are notoriously unreliable and the accounting literature is full of accountants responsibility for managing risk. Performing backups may be IT’s responsibility but the financial statements belong to us. Ensuring that the data is available is part of our job as well.