30 April 2012

CPM, Financial Statement Analysis and the Grumpy Old Accountants

At Decisions 2012 (free registration) I’m presenting an introduction to Corporate Performance Management (CPM). We will look at what CPM is, what it isn’t and see some representative software options for the mid-market.

CPM can help you better manage your planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting process. In the end, one output of CPM is a set of financial statements. But what do those financial statements REALLY say about your company?

If you’re intrigued by financial statement analysis, or simply want to know if you’re ailing company is going to survive the next two quarters, I’ve become a fan of Grumpy Old Accountants and recommend that you check them out as well.

Their analysis of Groupon in particular was a fun read, especially when contrasted with Facebook. We make choices about how we treat and present financial information. Our choices say a lot about our organizations.