25 April 2012

Decisions Spring 2012 - Live, June 18 to 21 | Decisions Spring 2012

Registration is now open for Decisions Spring 2012. June 19 is Dynamics GP day at Decisions Spring 2012. This is a great virtual conference event with a nice line up of speakers.

I’m presenting An Introduction to Corporate Performance Management with a look at what Corporate Performance Management is, how it’s different from ordinary reporting and Business Intelligence and where some representative software offerings fit.

The event is free and you can attend from your desk or from home in your pajamas. While, attending from your desk in pajamas is not recommended, there is no reason to miss out.

As part of the Decisions 2012 I’ve created another Microsoft Dynamics short story. Be warned, this one is a little more PG rated than the previous stories.

Unlock the Mysteries of Decisions Virtual Events!

Polino - The StakeoutMicrosoft Dynamics MVP, Consultant, and Author Mark Polino is back with his latest short story, The Stakeout.  How can a man attend a conference and never leave his office? What is he hiding from his wife?  Our private eye intends to crack the case, and console his seductive new client in the process.

Download the free PDF here.  Or download in eBook formats from Smashwords for free using the coupon code TP49V.