05 April 2012

I need some presentation help

I  need some presentation ideas so I’m asking for your help.

The problem is with the 50 Tips in 50 Minutes presentation. The presentation is so fast that I always provide follow up links in the presentation so that folks can tackle tips on their own back at the office. But…

  • For events like Convergence, I have to provide the presentation beforehand. It has to be the actual presentation I’m going to deliver and this is what goes out to attendees.
  • I’ve tried embedding the details as hidden slide but in some cases the process of making the presentation available to users destroys hidden slides.
  • Currently I add a duplicate of the presentation at the end with the detailed slides. At least once every cycle someone tells me they can’t find the details.

So I’m looking for options. I suppose that I could swap and put the detail slides at the beginning and start the actual presentation in the middle but that’s just one idea. If you have more ideas I’d love to hear them.