30 May 2012

Dynamic Future - Vote - Debits before Credits!

This weeks MS Connect item to vote on is in SmartLists, Debits should come before Credits.

I think we can all agree that the world won't end if this doesn't get fixed. HOWEVER, it's really annoying. This is kind of like having a sliver in your finger. You can go through your day just fine but as you bump and move your hand you are constantly reminded of the irritation. It a welcom relief when the irritation is gone and you can move on to more important things. Help me get rid of this irritant and vote for Get debits and credits in right columns:

"The standard SmartLists place Credit columns to the left of Debit columns. If you check all the built-in reports in GP the Debits are on the left and the Credits are on the right. It should be the same in SmartList as well. We shouldn't have to save this change in a Favorite and clutter up our 'list' just to get this done. And administrators have more important things on their plate than making this change at the system level."