08 May 2012

Dynamic Future–Vote for: Management Reporter Should Allow Each Column to Have its Own Current Rate

The response has been overwhelmingly positive to my new feature highlighting MS Connect features for you to vote on. In addition to many comments, Jan Harrigan of FRx Buzz reminded us of How to Give Feedback to Microsoft about Management Reporter
We were on the same wavelength because this week I had planned to highlight item:
672477 MR Should Allow Each Column to Have its Own Current Rate.
From the very detailed description:
Currently MR does not support creation of comparative balance sheet reports – either monthly or year over year. The reason is that it always uses the report date to get the spot rate and does all translations based on that single rate. This is incorrect, as companies will never be able to keep periods or years constant on a balance sheet report.
Ideally, MR should let the user select which date to use for currency translation. For companies that choose to translate using the spot rate (rate effective on the report date), a relevant setting may be enabled.
For others, the option to allow each column to get the month-end rate i.e. the rate effective at the last day of the period should be enabled. Typically, all balance sheet periods are translated at the month-end rate. For companies showing multiple balance sheets (monthly or year over year), MR should pull the rate that was effective at the last date of the month. This should be based on the period specified in the MR Report column layout. For instance, if it is a monthly balance sheet report for last 6 months, the column layout will have 6 YTD columns for each month. MR should then show the translated amounts for each period based on the month-end rate for each individual period.
In my experience this is a huge reason why people are choosing to stay with FRx for now. As you can see, it already has a pile of votes and the natives are getting restless. image
The comments in support of this feature are getting snarky as evidenced by the suggested workaround “use FRx”.
If you want better Multicurrency reporting in Management Reporter you have to vote. This feature did not make it into MR 2012 so if you want it before support for FRx ends, click the link to vote for it.
[Note: a few people last week mentioned that they had trouble connecting to vote. You will need a Windows Live ID. In each case re-clicking the link solved the problem.]