01 May 2012

Dynamic Future–Vote - Unit Account should have the option to clear at year end

I’m starting a new feature here at DynamicAccounting.net. Every Tuesday I will link to a worthy suggested feature in Microsoft Connect. Connect is used by the GP team to decide what to put in future releases and users have the opportunity to add suggestions and vote on existing items. Both users and the GP team have their complaints and I’m hoping this will help. Specifically:

  • The GP team says too few people vote on feature suggestions
  • Users say that it’s hard to find the existing suggestion for their need so they just create a new one. This leads to orphaned requests.
  • Users say that they don’t have time to go through suggestions and find items to vote on. They are too busy working.

To address this, I’m highlighting one feature per week. If you don’t think that a particular feature is important, don’t vote on it. If you want the highlighted feature in a future release, vote early and vote often.Well, you can only vote once because you need a Windows Live id to vote but you can enlist your co-workers.

You can actually vote an item up or down so if you think something is a bad idea or a poor use of the development team’s resources, you can share that too. This similar to “Like” and “Unlike”. Something Facebook doesn’t give you but the GP team does.

I’m hoping that by increasing visibility and making it easy to vote that we’ll get greater participation. If you don’t vote, the GP team might end up using my suggestions instead of yours.

Our first suggestion is item 495924 and the recommendation is “I would like the ability to reset the balances on unit accounts at the end of every financial year via year-end close.”


I agree. A lot of people would like the option to have certain unit account balances clear at year end, in short, they should behave like financial accounts with a checkbox to determine if they clear at year end or not.

Vote Here: https://connect.microsoft.com/dynamicssuggestions/feedback/details/495924/gp-unit-accounts-option-for-year-end-close


Bob McAdam said...

Great idea - what took you so long?! ;-)

Mark Polino said...

I'm a little slow sometimes. Did you vote?


Ian Grieve said...

Fantastic idea to highlight MSConnect.

I have to hold my hands up and say I've been intending to try to use it more but other things always seem to intervene.

Maybe with you highlighting some of the good ideas I'll actually get on and get involved with it.

And I have voted this time as well ;-)

Beat BUCHER said...

Hi Mark,
Great initiative... I spent quite a few hours on Connect and most of the time give up because of the cumbersome interface and the lack of true search feature...
I'll vote for this particular ticket :-).
Have a great time and keep picking out good requests for improvement.

John Lowther said...

Great job Mark.

And being slow but getting there is better than being fast but getting nowhere :)

kepp them comming!

Marc K said...

Please consider highlighting "GP - Smartlist Window Splitter to be made resizable" in a future article as a featured Connect suggestion.


It's an embarrassment that Microsoft has left this unresolved for so many years. This is such a basic thing. I have users asking why such an expensive program doesn't include something their $50 consumer accounting software has.

From what I can tell, this issue exists because Dexterity does not include a splitter control and Microsoft is not interested in investing many resources in Dexterity development. I'd love for this Connect entry to go into 4 digits to encourage them to rethink this decision.

Janakiram M.P. said...

Fantastic Effort Mark. I believe the GP development is focusing on new features rather than to bring enhancements to existing features and functionality. Connect is supposed to be one such platform where they get to hear voices of the users or partners and to me I personally believe all along it's just one suggestion box who hardly has any takers. We get into an agreement on this if we analyze the amount of suggestions vis-a-vis accepted suggestions rolled out into the product. Smart effort from you and I hope this effort will drive some positive results. I'm with you on this. :)