03 May 2012

RAID and Its impact on your SQL performance - SQLServerCentral

For most of you, SQL Server Central's new article, RAID and Its impact on your SQL performance will be more than you ever wanted to know about a redunant array of independent disks (yes, I know that the "I" in RAID is somewhat disputed. Independent, Inexpense, InanotherlifetimeIwillcare.)
If this isn't geeky enough for you, make sure to check out the comment at http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic1292935-143-1.aspx

This table summarizes the pros and cons of each of the Standard RAID Levels

RAID Level Fault Tolerance Read Performance Write Performance RAID Write Penalty Cost
0 None Good Excellent 1 Excellent
1 Good Good Good 2 Fair
5 Fair Good Poor 4 Good
1+0 Excellent Excellent Excellent 2 Poor
DP Good Good Terrible 6 Good