24 July 2012

Dynamic Future - Vote - Roll Down Account Segment Description Changes to the Chart

Just to make sure that everyone is clear. You don't have to like these suggestions. If you don't like them, don't vote. However, If you do like a suggestion and you don't vote, you lose your right to complain about that issue.

The goal is to get you thinking, and voting, about what you want in Dynamics GP in the future.

This week's suggestion revolves around the chart of accounts. If you use segment descriptions and allow them to populate the chart descriptions you can get a really clean chart of accounts. But what happens if something changes? For example, you thought that a main segment description of "Receivables, Accounts" was a good idea until you realized that now no one can ever find the account by description. Users are disgruntled, the natives have pitchforks in their cubes. Today you have to go to each account and fix it or use SQL to clean things up. It would be pretty cool if you could change the segment description and have it roll down to the chart.