23 July 2012

Weekly Dynamic: Tracing Purchase Price Variance

Purchase Pice Variances can occur when the purchase invoice cost is different from the cost recognized on the receipt (usually the same as the P.O.).

GP properly adjusts for these cost difference but they can be a real bear to trace. When you find the GL side of one of these transactions they don't link back to the source except with a reference. You have to go to SmartLists or the tables to figure out that they started in Inventory.

However, there is a Dex.ini switch that can make this easier. Adding:


to the Dex.ini file populates the ORCTRNUM, ORMSTRID, ORMSTRNM and ORDOCNUM fields in the GL10001 (GL Transaction Amounts Work) and GL20000 (GL Year-to-Date Transaction Open) tables making it much easier to trace these transactions back in SmartLists.

There is also a set of downloadable reports that improve on the default posting reports. However, neither the default reports nor the downloadable reports can be reprinted so if you want that detail you'll have to print or save the posting reports.

More on this next week.