16 August 2012

Weekly Review: Exporting to Other Systems

Recently I’ve had a number of requests for regular processes to get data out of Dynamics GP for integration to other systems. The export formats were all over the place including CSV, fixed length and pipe delimited (|).

In all cases there have been common elements to the exports, they want them to be user initiated. There have also been common elements to the solution, Microsoft Excel.

In one case I used SmartList Builder to create a SmartList with everything we needed to export, then I used a SmartList Export Solution to provide a button for the user to export the data to Excel and activate an Excel macro to format and save the file.

In another case, the client didn’t own SmartList Builder so I used a refreshable Excel report to get the data we needed an then used a macro to format the export.

With the power of Excel, getting data out to other systems becomes easy.