05 September 2012

7 Years of Failure

Today is the 7th anniversary of DynamicAccounting.net. In 7 years I've failed a lot.
  • By the end of the day this blog will have over 4,870 posts on Dynamics GP, but I didn't make 5,000 posts in 7 years. I Failed.
  • At this point my Twitter followers are stuck in the low 900's. I failed to hit 1,000.
  • I've failed to change the behavior of any number of people who continue to do dumb things with Dynamics GP. I Failed
  • I've failed to make a million dollars with this blog. (Not that there was ever much hope in that.) I failed.
The funny thing about failure is how you measure it. Measuring against a goal, something is a failure. Measureing against results, it's a success. For example:
  • I'm happy that though I haven't yet hit 5,000 posts, it will happen before year end and I added more than 1,300 new posts this year.
  • While I haven't fixed everything in Dynamics GP (I'll get right on that) we all made strides together this year by highlighting Microsoft Connect items that we would like to see in future versions. I also think more and more of the basics of how to setup GP effectively are spreading through the community. We're building a body of knowledge that helps everyone.
  • I have made a little dough through some great blog sponsors and those of you who were kind enough to buy my book. I'm writing another so start saving now.
Dynamics GP 2013 is going to be the best release ever and yet they will fail. Some features won't make the cut. Something you want won't be in there. I already know of something that I really wanted in the product that didn't make it so I'm right there with you. But here is the thing about failure, we can shoot for crazy goals and fail. In the process, we still do some pretty incredible things. We could choose instead to chase easy goals. Everyone is a winner, everyone gets a trophy and everyone is bored. I think I'll keep failing for at least one more year.