06 September 2012

8 Great Reasons to Attend GPUG Summit 2012 this Oct. in Seattle + 8 Bonus Reasons!

Michelle Spitzer has 8 Great Reasons to Attend GPUG Summit 2012 this Oct. in Seattle.

While these are 8 great reasons, I'm forced to ask 'only eight?'. Clearly we are missing a few like:
  1. The opportunity to refer to me as "Mr. Sexy Pants" in public. MVP Frank Hamelly is already on board and does this frequently. Dwight isn't ready for this yet, he's still working through hair issues.
  2. The chance to be publicly humiliated by new presenter, Huber Cooney. Huber and I go way back. He only gets to present this year because the conference is within range of his ankle monitor. Don't worry, he'll be fine in sessions, but at the bar after...well...you know that scene from Roxanne with the nose insults, Huber can, and regularly does, put that to shame. [This is the YouTube link for the young uns in the room.]
  3. 50 more tips for Dynamics GP. Yes, I dug up 50 new ones just for you. Bring a napkin, some of these will make you drool. In all seriousness, folks regularly say "this presentation was worth the cost of the conference." If its not, Huber will give you your money back.
  4. The fun of calling Andy Snook of Fasthpath "Snooki" and then buying him a Jack Daniels as an apology.
  5. The opportunity to learn a lot more about Dynamics GP, Microsoft Excel and how they both fit together as slices of an awsome pie.
  6. The chance to build relationships that help you get your questions answered after you go back home. It's much easier to get John Lowther, Mariano or me to answer your question when we can put a face to a name.
  7. The chance to hang with Bob McAdam who is a genuinely nice guy, despite being a Bucs fan.
  8. Seeing what Huber (and probably Dwight) will do to me as payback for this post.


Kim Peterson said...

I'm surprised you only posted "8" more. I know it was hard to bring it down to 8 wonderful reasons to come to Seattle.

I'm so excited about the atmosphere you and others create with the whole community! This just gives them a "glimpes" of what to expect.

Can't wait to see "Mr. Sexy Pants" in Seattle!
Only 38 days to go!

Liz Hallen said...

You make me laugh to the point of tears Polino!!! I stoked to see you an Huber present - should be quite a show..

Huber Cooney said...

And remember, that's MR. Sexy Pants when referring to Mark Polino.

But seriously, Mark, I look forward to seeing you. Just like I look forward to seeing my dad. Because both of you are an endless drain on my patience and bank account.

Finally, not sure whose idea it was to have a conference in Seattle during any months besides July, Aug, and Sept. (I see Polino's hand in this.) Just try not to stand too close to tall buildings.