19 September 2012

Celebrity Corporate Performance Management

I 'm working with a client using deFacto this week. deFacto is Corporate Performance Management software for businesses who are serious about reporting, budgeting and analytics. If you're choking on MR or FRx performance or if you want to actually integrate budgeting into the process look at deFacto.

Just for fun there is another benefit to working with deFacto. This weekend a movie was on co-staring Liev Shcreiber. Liev bears a striking resemblance to deFacto's Anthony D'Anna. Can you tell which one is which?

Neither can I! This means that with deFacto you get you're own celebrity look alike!

 Just to thoroughly embarrass Anthony (who by the way is a genuinely nice guy and pretty smart, in addition to looking like a celebrity) IMDB says that Liev's upcoming project, Fading Gigolo, is in pre-production. I'm just going to leave it at that. Anything else I say will get me in trouble.
Actually, I feel bad for Anthony. Liev got to work with Angelina Jolie in Salt. Anthony gets to work with me...and Dwight, clearly he is underpaid.