04 October 2012

Weekly Review: Minimum Check Amount


Sometimes you don’t want to cut a check if it’s not at least a minimum amount. A common scenario for this is affiliate programs like Amazon’s Associates program. They won’t send you a payment until the amount they owe you equals $10.00.

In another example, when my college scholarship finished they sent me a check for a leftover $0.25. It cost the college more to mail the check and then I had this tiny little check that I had to go deposit.
In Dynamics GP we can can control this and only cut checks when they are over a certain amount. Contrary to your first thought, this is not the Minimum Check line in vendor setup. That is used for when a minimum payment is due to a vendor, like a credit card minimum payment.

To only cut checks over a minimum amount, you need a free tool from the Professional Services Tool Library.

First, download and install the Professional Services Tool Library. Get with you’re partner if you need help. Then check the box next to PM Minimum Check.

Now when you go into Select Checks to build a batch of AP checks, pick Additional>Set Minimum Check Amount from the menu.

In the box, make sure that Use Minimum Check Amount is marked and set a minimum check amount.

Back to our Amazon.com example. If you want to pay a group of vendors only when they are above the minimum but not worry about it for everyone else, the simplest solution is to put those vendors in a class. Then, process an AP check run for that class and set the minimum amount. For other check runs, simply remove the minimum amount and process normally.