21 January 2013

Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Applications: 2.7 lbs of Dynamics GP Programming Goodness

I spend my days working with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It's always been a struggle when developers want to learn how to customize Dynamics GP. Not because it's that hard, but because there are so many options and they can be very different. In her new book, Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications, Dynamics GP MVP Leslie Vail has taken on the challenge of explaining the various options, showing where they are applicable and explaining how each option works.

The best part is, even if you aren't a programmer, the book covers ways to develop in Dynamics GP without writing code. Extender, SmartList Builder and more are covered here. These tools provide options to modify GP without writing code. If you are a programmer, the book provides great coverage of development tools like Dexterity, Visual Studio and Modifier with VBA and how each one works with Dynamics GP. 

Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications probably won't turn you into a code monkey if you're not one already. But if you already understand the basics and are trying to figure out how to apply your skills to Dynamics GP, this is a fantastic book. It's 2.7 pounds of Dynamics GP programming goodness! Unless you get the Kindle version, that doesn't weigh 2.7 pounds, but still has all the goodness.