18 February 2013

Microsoft peed on my PowerPivot

Rob has a much nicer title on his post “Hey, Who Moved My (PowerPivot 2013) Cheese?”  but those of us who had to talk customers through the Performance Point debacle are getting that deja vu vibe here. I'm feeling a little like when my dog decides to pee six inches from the door as I'm reaching for the handle to let them out. We were almost there and then you had to go and do that.

The short version is that PowerPivot and the equally cool PowerView is only available in Excel 2013 as part of the Office Professional Plus version, NOT Office Professional. Apparently "Plus" is short for PowerPivot and PowerView. I'm resisting suggesting that it's an acronym for Please Let Us Screw you. Ok, I'm not resisting much.

The long version is...well...read Rob's post.

I'll be Microsoft's MVP Summit when this post goes up. Expect that this will be a topic of discussion.