25 February 2013

Weekly Dynamic: Drill Down Troubleshooting

We had a scenario where someone was testing GP drill downs on a test server. The database had been copied from production but Excel reports had not been deployed in production. They were in the test environment.  The user kept getting a drill down error that indicated that they weren't logged in to the right company.

When we double checked the drill down links, the links were trying to connect back to the production server, even though the Excel reports were properly getting data from test. That was new and thanks to some help from Microsoft we have a fix.

Fortunately, it's a pretty straightforward fix:

  1. Log everyone out of GP.
  2. Access the Database Maintenance Utility with Start > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics > GP2010 > Database Maintenance
  3. In the Database Maintenance Utility, select the SQL server name for the test environment.
  4. Choose the company DB to recreate Views and Procedures for and click Next.
  5. for the Product, choose all modules.
  6. Select both "Functions and Stored Procedures" and "Views".
  7. Hit Next on the confirmation window.
The reason that this occurs is when the stored procedures are created on installation, the drill down link is populated with the server name. Recreating the Stored Procs and Views fixes this issue.